Logic Analyser

Logic Analyzers

Making digital debug fast and easy since 1987.

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GHz Sample Rates

The GoLogicXL has the speed to find the most difficult debug issues with up to 4 GHz sampling rates.

Advanced Triggers

Trigger precisely on the problem. TriggerForms™ make the Values, Edges, Ranges, Glitches, Timers, and Counters easy to use, even with 16 Sequence Levels.

Deep Memory

1 billion samples captures a bigger picture. View errors and their after-effects with extremely large sample depths.

Logic Analyzer Probes

Flying leadset, Mictor, and PinPoint™ probes are pin-compatible with similar Tektronix “connectorless” and Keysight/Agilent “soft touch” probes.

Differential or Single-ended

Coaxial shielding and low loading captures sensitive, low-voltage swings and offers maximum noise rejection.

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mixed signal oscilloscope MSO

Mixed Signal Analysis

ScopeLink™ controls your DSO and time-aligns the analog signals to the timing diagrams inside the logic analyzer software.

Double Data Rate

The GoLogicXL State Analysis mode synchs with external clocks up to 300 MHz SDR and 250 MHz DDR (500 MHz effective).

Serial Bus Triggers/Decode

Trigger the logic analyzer on up to 8 serial packets in a series and then view the decoded data. Our serial bus triggers are especially effective combined with ScopeLink.

1 GHz Transitional Sampling

1 GHz sampling which stores data only when the input signals change is an extremely effective capture mode for fast data bursts followed by long periods of inactivity.

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