The GoLogic Virtual Classroom

The following Flash videos are excerpts from the on-line GoLogic HTML help web. Collected in one location for convenience, these videos provide an informal virtual classroom describing how to use the GoLogic logic analyzer.

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Course overview 2:50 (min:sec)    
A brief summary of the topics covered in the
video tutorials.
Quick example 3:40 (min:sec)    
A demonstration of configuring the GoLogic and
capturing trace.
Logic analyzer basics      
    Logic analyzers vs. Oscilloscopes 2:47 (min:sec)    
    Thresholds 1:54
GoLogic setup steps      
    The Setup Wizard 3:19 (min:sec)    
        The Setup Wizard is a great place for
        beginners to start. The software leads
        you through the 3 setup steps described
        below in detail.
    Step 1: Sampling      
        Timing vs. State Analysis 1:12 (min:sec)    
        Normal timing 2:38  
        Simple state 2:56  
        Transitional timing 3:36  
        4-Channel transitional timing 1:23    
        Simple state with timestamp 2:29    
        Simple state with multiple clocks 2:06  
        Complex state 3:46  
        Serial bus overview 6:09    
        I2C timing 3:03    
        I2C state 1:37    
        SPI timing 6:27    
        RS-232 timing 4:56    
        CAN timing 4:10
        LIN timing 2:46
        Bitstream timing 8:19
    Step 2: Channels      
        Window areas 3:33 (min:sec)    
        Creating channel groups 3:00  
        Adding channels 4:56  
        Bit-order 2:43  
        Color 2:17  
        Symbol tables 4:27  
        Inverted logic vs. Active-low 5:31    
    Step 3: Triggering
        Window areas 2:12 (min:sec)  
        Simple TriggerForm 4:27  
        Series TriggerForm 2:52  
        TimeBetween TriggerForm 3:46  
        Custom TriggerForm 5:59  
        Range trigger events 1:00
        Using symbols 2:56
        Selective storage 3:43
        I2C TriggerForm 2:05
        SPI TriggerForm 3:54
Viewing the data      
    WaveForm window
        Window areas 5:18 (min:sec)
        Window options 6:43
        Configuring lines for trace data 2:08
        Configuring lines for scope data 2:42
        Configuring lines for serial bus conversion 3:00
        TriggerForm editing 5:58
        Using the data markers 3:43
        Zooming tricks 3:42
        Dual windows 2:25
    Numeric window
        Window areas 2:17 (min:sec)
        Window options 3:00
        Configuring columns for trace data 3:07
        Configuring columns for timestamp 1:13
        Dual windows 1:20
        Plug-In Manager 5:46 (min:sec)
        Plug-In windows 1:39
        Writing custom Plug-Ins with the PDK 3:25
Other topics      
    ScopeLink™ Wizard 3:48 (min:sec)
    Repeat capture mode 2:48
    Searching 4:43
        I2C Searching 1:06
        SPI Searching 1:37
        UART Searching 1:35
        CAN Searching 2:24
        LIN Searching 2:07
        Bitstream Searching 1:09
    Filtering 2:18
    Exporting trace data 6:46
    Using bookmarks 2:54
    Writing custom GoLogic apps with the SDK 8:20